Treatment Support

Starting Treatment Program

Follow gluten free sugar free diet, and avoid all other allergens for 3 months. Then you can try introducing them back at four day intervals, and avoid if you have a reaction to that food. Try again in three months.
Eat whole foods, avoid processed foods, never eat processed meat, like bacon or sausage, as that may trigger inflammation that can feed infections.
Dring 1⁄2 ounce pure water for every pound of body wieght. Filter water, avoid chlorine.
Start gut support first, with probiotics, adding yeast killers like Nystatin next. Start at low dose, increase every 1­3 days up to full dose.
Add nutrients next, like vitamins and minerals. Add one every 1­3 days.
Add Immune support, like trasfer factors and mushroom drops.
Add antibiotics last, never start more than one every 1­2 weeks, put them on you calender to remind you how to follow alternating pulsed weekly schedule.
Take Herx support (as in Herx hand out)
Take Dhist 2­6 every 3­4 hours as needed for inhallant allergies.

Look for mold EVERYWHERE and get rid of it properly and safely. NEVER just spray it with bleach. Notify Dr. Vrchota when you find mold. You may need additional treatment.

Stop water incursion
Dry out the area.
Use tea tree or or vinegar to kill mold
Have someone use HazMat suit to scrub and remove mold with barrier to prevent spores from flying all over your house. Throw out cloth or paper items contaminated with black mold spores. Hire certified people with personal references to do the work if possible.