Make an Appointment

Integrative Health Care of Winona is looking forward to working with you to achieve your optimal health. Here is some information to help you prepare for your visit:

  • To make an appointment, call (507)-457-9000.
  • Your initial visit will be 3 hours long. This includes: review of medical records, careful collection of symptom history, complete physical exam, lab tests, initial assessment, and preliminary plan, including the Elimination Diet. Listening carefully to your story reveals the pathway to healing.
  • First follow-up visit is 2 hours long. The first hour is spent reviewing labs and the results of the Elimination Diet. The second hour is devoted to designing your personal treatment plan, including a prescribed diet, supplements, herbs, prescription medications, and lifestyle modifications. Further follow-up visits are 1 hour.
  • Scent Free Policy: Many of our patients are chemically sensitive to scents, perfumes lotions, and hair gel. We ask you that you refrain from wearing scented products on the day of your visit. You may be asked to reschedule if you have a scent on at time of visit.
  • Please try to arrive early for your appointment so that you are ready to see the doctor at your scheduled time. If this is your first visit with us, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time so that we can gather all necessary information.
  • In case you are unable to keep your appointment, we request notice 48 hours in
    . We reserve the right to charge for missed or cancelled appointments within 48 hours.
  • Dr. Vrchota specializes in holistic integrative medicine and therefore is not considered a primary care provider. This means that you must have another physician to provide primary care and should you have an emergency, you should contact your primary care physician or call 911.
  • Integrative Health Care of Winona is considered an out-of-network medical provider and does not participate with insurance plans; however, we will provide you with a claim form that you can file with your insurance company, as some may provide reimbursement. This means that we do not bill insurance companies and expect
    payment to be made at the time of service
    and request that you come prepared to do so.
  • Dr. Vrchota has opted out of Medicare- which extends to Medicaid and Champus. Medicare patients must know they can go to other providers who will provide health care under their insurance. If a Medicare recipient enters into a private contract, then they agree to pay fee for service, and they may not submit their bill to
    Medicare for re-imbursement
    . Call if you want information sent to you about entering into a private contract.

Again, thank you for choosing us to partner with you in your health care journey. We look forward to serving you.


Dr. Karen Vrchota