About Dr. Vrchota

Dr. Vrchota grew up in the Twin Cities area in a large family, and felt called to become a physician since age 9, when she assisted her neighbor in caring for someone in a motor vehicle accident.

Throughout her medical training, she was always questioning “Why?”

Why does this person have high blood pressure? What made this person fatigued? Though these questioned were generally discouraged in medical school, the American Holisitic Medical Association (AMHA) welcomed these questions, and even provided some answers.

Dr. Vrchota attended her first AHMA in 1983, and knew she had found her “tribe”. These physicians were researching the “why” behind wellness, and the lifestyles that triggered illness. Disease settles into disease tissues. Supporting wellness is the best way to prevent and reverse chronic illness.

What was then a “deer path” of information is now a freeway, with multiple Holisitic journals and large text books of Integrative Medicine reporting on evidence based interventions.

Dr. Vrchota sees her role as a “detective”, combing over lifestyle choices that may have triggered onset of illness. She partners with her patients to discover the best diet, most uplifting exercise program, sound sleep supporters, stress reducers, and ways to support hormonal health and immune health with supplements, herbs, green juice, as well as prescription medications when they are needed.

Her personal health journey includes eating a plant based nutrition diet, playing Tai Chi, meditating, running 3-7 miles daily, and drinking juiced vegetables daily. She will help you find what changes are right for you.